Recipe: Cappuccino

Home Cooking Recipe: Cappuccino


Cappuccino originated in Italy and is one of Italy's most famous fancy coffees. The name of this coffee is very interesting. It was originally a monk's headscarf. The monks of the Church of St. Francis, founded after 1525, were wearing brown robe and wearing a pointed hat. When the St. Francis Church was sent to Italy, the locals felt that the monks’ costumes were special and gave them Take the name of Cappuccino, the Italian word for the monk is a loose robes and a pointed hat worn by the monks, derived from the Italian "headscarf" or Cappuccio. However, the Italians love to drink coffee and find that the espresso, milk and milk foam are mixed, the color is like the dark brown robe worn by the monk, so when the brain moves, they add milk to the milk and have a sharp milk drink. Named Cappuccino.



  1. Italian espresso, the coffee beans I bought have already been pulverized by the seller, so I don’t need to use the current mill.

  2. Use the measuring spoon that comes with the coffee machine to add the coffee powder to the filter spoon, about a spoonful and a half 45 grams.

  3. Inject water from the top of the coffee machine, connect the cup under the filter, and turn the knob to the working position of the brewed coffee. After about one minute, the brewed coffee will flow out of the filter.

  4. Transfer the brewed coffee into a deep-mouth cup, add two spoonfuls of sugar and mix well

  5. Take another cup, pour 50ML ice milk into the cup, inject the water into the coffee machine (outside the portion), adjust to the steam file, remove the filter bowl, adjust the steam mouth to the middle, and wait until there is steam ejected from the hole. Pick up the milk cup, let the steam mouth fall into the milk, use the high temperature and high pressure to quickly make the milk into milk foam, and quickly turn off the steam when the milk is heated to about 60 degrees to avoid defoaming after overheating.

  6. Pour the beaten milk into the coffee quickly, then sprinkle a little cinnamon on the milk foam.

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