Recipe: Cantonese style sausage rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Cantonese style sausage rice



  1. Brush a layer of blending oil in the casserole, add the washed rice, add some water, and soak for 30 minutes.

  2. Wash the vegetables and slice the sausages. Mix soy sauce, seafood soy sauce, sesame oil, oil consumption and sugar to make a sauce (diluted with a little cold water).

  3. After the rice is soaked, place the casserole in a gas stove and boil over high heat. Turn to a small fire immediately, put the sausage in place, and the eggs are scored.

  4. Cook the rice with the smallest and smallest torch, and smell the rice aroma and a slight pot of incense. During the period, use another pot of green vegetables.

  5. After the rice is cooked, put the cooked vegetables into the sauce and topped with the sauce. The fragrant sausage rice is ready~


1. Rice must be soaked before cooking, so that it will not be caught. 2. The water for cooking should be put a little bit more than usual, because the pores of the casserole will evaporate more water. 3. After the fire has boiled the rice, be sure to adjust the minimum and minimum fire. Otherwise, the above is not good. 4. Cantonese-style sausage is recommended to choose the emperor's super-grade sausage, seven points thin, fat and moderate, delicious!

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