Recipe: Cantonese cuisine 01 "Pineapple Ancient Meat"

Home Cooking Recipe: Cantonese cuisine 01


Clam meat, also known as ancient meat. It is a famous Han nationality dish. This dish began in the Qing Dynasty. Many foreigners in Guangzhou at that time were very fond of eating Chinese food, especially like sweet and sour pork ribs, but they were not used to eating bones when eating. The chef of Guangdong made a big meatball with the bones of the meat and seasoning and starch. It was fried in a frying pan and crispy. It was sweet and sour and delicious. It was welcomed by Chinese and foreign guests. The history of sweet and sour pork ribs is relatively old. After being reformed, it is renamed as “ancient meat”. Foreigners are not allowed to pronounce the pronunciation. They often refer to "ancient meat" as "clam meat". Because they are elastic when eating and have a good sound when chewing meat, these two methods have coexisted for a long time. This dish enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad. Common in the market is the canned pork with canned pork.



  1. Bacon tenderloin, cut into a one-centimeter thick piece, with a flower knife on it, cut into strips, then cut into pieces, add salt, chicken essence, pepper egg white wine wine code.

  2. The ingredients are cut into green peppers, and the pineapple is cut into small pieces and soaked in salt water.

  3. Add the raw flour to the meat. Mix well, wait until the oil is 60% hot, and then sauté the meat into a golden spoon and re-fried it. The green and red pepper onions are over oiled.

  4. In the frying pan, leave the base oil, saute the tomato sauce, add the white sugar and white vinegar, boil in the salt water, and hook into the water starch. When the soup is rich, add the green meat and add the pineapple block to the pineapple.


During the production process, it is recommended that the meat pieces be cut to a small size and easy to taste. It is easy to grasp the heat during the frying process. 2. When picking up the meat, add a little egg white to make the meat more tender. 3. When the meat is fried, the heat should be controlled. Ok, the fire is easy to fry, and it affects the taste.

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