Recipe: Candied lemon

Home Cooking Recipe: Candied lemon


It’s easy to get dull in the winter afternoon, and the warm lemon black tea can taste like a sudden wake up of sleeping cells. I love to drink a variety of teas, Chinese traditional green tea black tea Pu'er tea oolong tea. . . Also love Western-style lemon black tea lemon green tea When shopping, drink lemon green tea in the summer and hot lemon black tea in the winter. Happy lemon~ find tea~ love I used to feel that I didn’t feel enough in my own time. It’s a bit bitter to use fresh lemons to make it out. It’s not the same as selling it, and a lemon can’t be used up. It’s often done, it’s a waste. This method of candied lemon is very good, it takes a long time to keep it, it can be taken with it, and it avoids waste. Because it puts sugar when making it, so you only need a black tea bag when making tea (I use Lipton featured black tea), two A slice of candied lemon is fine, no additional sugar is needed. For vegans, the candied lemon does not contain honey, perfect~



  1. Wash and dry the container, wash the lemon, dry the surface, go to the head and tail, cut into 3MM thick slices

  2. The lemon pieces are coded into the container, and a layer of lemon is sprinkled with a layer of white sugar. . . . Sprinkle some sugar on the last layer, and put the sealed container in the refrigerator for 2 days.


The production process must be dry and clean. After washing with tap water, dry or dry it to prevent deterioration. The lemons with the stains are kept in cold storage for two weeks. When taking the lemon slices, use clean dishes.

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