Recipe: Cake silk flower (hurricane cake embryo)

Home Cooking Recipe: Cake silk flower (hurricane cake embryo)


Used to record the cakes I have made ^_^



  1. The egg yolk protein is separated and the protein is placed in the refrigerator for storage.

  2. Add sugar and milk to the egg yolk, stir evenly, add corn oil, and stir until the emulsified egg yolk is finished.

  3. The low-powder and corn flour are mixed and sieved 3 times, added to the emulsified egg yolk paste, and the mixture is turned until the flour disappears, and the batter is smooth and granulated.

  4. The protein is added, the sugar is added in 3 times, and it is sent to 9 points. After the egg beater stops, the protein cream is upright and sharp.

  5. Mix the egg yolk paste and meringue, cut evenly, and the batter is shiny and granulated.

  6. Pour into the mold, micro-shock, and shake out the big bubbles. The batter that is made in place is basically free of bubbles.

  7. The oven is preheated 180 degrees in advance and placed in the middle of the batter for 160-35 minutes (6 inches), which is adjusted according to your own oven.

  8. Immediately after removal, the mold is free to fall from the height and is buckled on the drying rack until it is cool and released.

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