Recipe: Cabbage Tomato Soup (slimming version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Cabbage Tomato Soup (slimming version)



  1. The amount of food is very small, so the rice cooker can add a little water to the bottom.

  2. Cut the tomato into pieces and put it into the water to start the fire. Cook until it boils. Cook for a while, wait until the tomatoes are soft, and the soup will taste in the inside.

  3. After the tomato is cooked, put in the cabbage and cook until it boils.

  4. In order to add some savory flavor, there is no shrimp skin shrimp and horses, and a few pieces of kelp tablets bought by the supermarket are added. There is a taste of the sea

  5. After the kelp is boiled, turn off the heat, add a little salt, a little MSG, a drop of sesame oil can be

  6. The sweet and sour taste of the tomato, the spice of the cabbage, and the taste of the sea in Shanghai. Too satisfied

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