Recipe: Cabbage stew

Home Cooking Recipe: Cabbage stew


For a long time, I have prepared to put the PP stored in the computer and put it on. This dish has been done once, but I still remember the fragrance of the room at that time. Cabbage and pork belly are all I love to eat, and the two are definitely a big love. The method is simple and the taste is excellent. The failure of this time is that there is too much water...



  1. Sliced ​​onions and garlic, pork belly and Chinese cabbage cut into small pieces. Refueling in the pot

  2. Put the onion slices and garlic slices, pepper and octagonal in the pan

  3. Pour pork belly stir fry

  4. Pour Chinese cabbage stir fry

  5. Add soy sauce and the right amount of water

  6. The last step is to stew, stew until the feeling is almost


When adding water, be sure to pay attention to the degree of goodness, so that it can be more perfect.

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