Recipe: Cabbage mutton slices

Home Cooking Recipe: Cabbage mutton slices


As a housewife of office workers, except for work every day, the rest is a family's three meals a day. Especially when there are children who are studying at home, they need a balanced diet when they are long-body. If they meet a picky-eater, then it is even worse. If the child's school does not have a canteen, the housewife of the office worker must go home to cook at noon, which requires the meal to be simple and nutritious. For my daughter who likes meat, as long as there is meat and vegetables. Eat a hot pot, left some mutton slices, and with cabbage, make this cabbage mutton. It is delicious for rice. The nutritional value of cabbage Cabbage comes from the Mediterranean region of Europe, also known as cabbage or cabbage, and its scientific name is "King Cabbage". It is one of the most important vegetables in the West. Cabbage, like Chinese cabbage, has high yield and is resistant to storage. It is a good vegetable in all seasons. The Germans believe that cabbage is the king of the dishes, it can cure all diseases. Westerners use the "prescription" of cabbage, just as Chinese people use radish to cure diseases. There is also a purple cabbage called purple cabbage in the market, and the nutritional effect is basically the same as that of cabbage. ≮Effects ≯ Japanese scientists believe that cabbage contains antioxidant nutrients, anti-aging, anti-oxidation effect is also at a higher level with mango shoots and cauliflower. The nutritional value of cabbage is similar to that of Chinese cabbage, and the content of vitamin C is about half higher. In addition, cabbage is rich in folic acid, which is an advantage of cabbage-like vegetables. Therefore, pregnant women, anemia patients should eat more cabbage. It is also an important beauty product for women. It can improve the body's immunity, prevent colds, and protect the life indicators of cancer patients. Among the anti-cancer vegetables, cabbage is ranked 5th, which is quite prominent. Cabbage contains some kind of "ulcer healing factor", which is a kind of vitamin. It has a good auxiliary therapeutic effect on ulcers and can accelerate wound healing. It is a good therapeutic food for patients with gastric ulcer. Eat more cabbage, can increase appetite, promote digestion, prevent constipation. Cabbage contains chromium, regulates blood sugar and blood lipids, and is an ideal food for diabetics and obese patients.



  1. The cabbage is torn into small pieces, washed and drained. Onion, ginger shredded, garlic chopped, spare

  2. Put oil in the pot, add 50% hot, put the bean paste in Pixian, stir fry the red oil, add the onion, ginger, minced garlic, stir fry

  3. Add the mutton slices and stir fry until the meat is discolored.

  4. Put in a cabbage block, stir fry a few times, put some sugar, stir fry evenly and you can cook.


1. The mutton slices should be taken out from the freezer of the refrigerator in advance. If you buy this step, you can save it. 2, Pixian bean paste itself is salty, if you put more, you do not have to put salt alone. 3, sugar is to go to the spicy.

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