Recipe: Cabbage kimchi

Home Cooking Recipe: Cabbage kimchi


Suddenly I want to eat kimchi cabbage in a powder shop on the fourth floor or the third floor of the Sheraton Macao. It is especially crisp and refreshing. So I couldn't help but say that I immediately went to the vegetable market to buy a cabbage. Although the taste is not exactly the same as in the store, it is better than the other ones I have ever eaten.



  1. First, the cabbage is cut into pieces and washed, placed in the sun and drained.

  2. Put the cabbage in the glass jar, put a small portion and then sprinkle some salt on the pepper, a clove of garlic, until you put all the cabbage into it. Be sure to leave some salt and sprinkle some salt.

  3. The grandmother at home gave me a jar of sour radish last time. I put a few spoons of sour water in the jar and placed it in the glass jar. Sealed and placed in the refrigerator. You can eat the next day. If you don't have a sour jar at home, you can put salt water, add the right amount of vinegar, and lick the pepper. The taste is the same.

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