Recipe: Butterfly Bean Flower Cheese Rice Ball

Home Cooking Recipe: Butterfly Bean Flower Cheese Rice Ball


Since the star-stack bread, there is no big bag of butterfly bean left in the house, I want to consume it, cheese is also my favorite (cheese is power), it is also good to add it to the rice ball. Choice, but also mention that when cooking rice, add a few drops of coconut oil rice to scent, eat it and know ~



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  2. Appropriate amount of dry bean flowers bloom with boiling water

  3. Rice washed and poured into the pot, add the good chickpeas, soaked butterfly bean juice (squeeze the butterfly bean after soaking the water, can not waste ~ ????), add the amount of water usually cooked (I like Use boiling water, soak for 30 minutes), drop a few drops of coconut oil (rice scented), steam well, cook well, see your own hobbies~

  4. While cooking, put the eggs in cold water and cook them. My recipes tell me how to cook a complete, fragrant, tender egg, very 3+2 boiled egg method /recipe/102233633/

  5. Cut the boiled egg, cut the cheese into small pieces, and mix in a large spoon of quebec salad dressing.

  6. The small fresh butterfly bean rice is gorgeously out of the pan, and the value of the rice is served. Put the cooked rice into the mold, put a spoonful of mixed Chubby salad dressing, and then cover the cupid salad with a proper amount of rice. Compacted, beautiful and delicious butterfly bean cheese rice balls are ready, and finally decorated with mint is OK~ (wear disposable gloves without a mold, and pinch your favorite shape).

  7. Heat it in a microwave oven, and the melted cheese inside is more delicious~


No coconut oil, can be replaced with olive oil or other edible oil~

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