Recipe: Butter biscuit

Home Cooking Recipe: Butter biscuit


The thick aroma of butter, as well as the faint vanilla flavor - especially after taking out the cool and taking a piece into the mouth, the crispy!



  1. Butter diced into a clean bowl and soften at room temperature (can easily poke a small hole by hand), evenly whipped, and then evenly whipped with powdered sugar

  2. Add egg yolk in portions and beat evenly

  3. Add a few drops of vanilla extract and evenly

  4. Add the sifted low-powder and salt to the butter dough, and then flatten it into a plastic wrap or a fresh-keeping bag and put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

  5. Sprinkle the hardened dough on the chopping board with high-gluten flour (to prevent sticking, medium-gluten flour can also be), knead into a thin sheet of about 3mm thick, (the dough should be evenly kneaded), after molding with biscuits, move it into place. Oil paper or tin foil baking tray

  6. Put the biscuits in a 180-degree preheated oven, bake in the middle layer for 10 minutes, and color the edges (this step is very important, be sure to stay next to your own observation, see the biscuits turn a little yellow and zoom), too much Easy to burn

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