Recipe: Burdock carrot meat roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Burdock carrot meat roll



  1. Peel the sirloin and cut it into strips that are about the same width as the ham slices. Add the water to the pan and cook it. It is good to cook it with chopsticks. The thin carrots are also cut into the same length as the burdock (if you think the carrots are thicker, you can cut them in half), then take a piece of meat with a sirloin and a carrot on it (I don't have the whole carrot at home, only buy it) Ready-made small-sized carrots, so I have to put together two pieces, not a complete one, but it is also okay, not so strict requirements)

  2. Roll up from the end of the carrot and burdock into a meat roll. Roll all the materials back

  3. Fry the pan with a little hot oil, put the meat roll in, and fry on both sides. Because I used ham, the saltiness and taste were enough, so it came out directly. If you use ordinary sliced ​​meat, you can pour the soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine and a little water into the pan after cooking the flesh on both sides of the flakes. Cook a little, add the fire and then juice.

  4. After the meal is over, you can eat it directly. If you think it is too long, you can cut the meat roll into a small section on a cutting board.

  5. Set the plate


Here I use raw ham slices. If not, use thin slices of pork, beef slices, and bacon. If there is no calf, only carrots are delicious. If you don't eat carrots, it's delicious to order some other vegetables. Laugh. . .

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