Recipe: Bruschetta

Home Cooking Recipe: Bruschetta


I don't know why, why do you like this simple and enticing taste? When you take a bite, you can clearly smell basil and garlic, the entrance is crisp and the inside is chewy. It is too hard to give up this thing. Of course, it is better to use fresh basil, there is in the mother's garden, but I have to go back to my hometown, hey, next time, use fresh ones next time. Tomatoes are best made with many small red tomatoes in Italy.



  1. The stick is slanted and sliced ​​to a thickness of about 1-2 cm. It is determined by individual taste.

  2. Cut the tomatoes into small diced, it is best not to seed, the seeds have a lot of juice will soak the bagu, the taste is not so crispy.

  3. Pour the olive oil into the pan and fry the bag. It is golden yellow, some people like to fry one side, some people like to fry on both sides. You decide for yourself, or you can throw a coin.

  4. Hot, on the side of the French stick fried, take a piece of garlic to rub, the garlic will drift with the temperature, then you will find that the method of friction is more pure than the cut into the garlic.

  5. Put the chopped tomatoes on the bacon with the garlic sauce, sprinkle with basil (dry fresh can be), then sprinkle with Shanghai salt. Sea salt is very healthy and not very salty, and tastes slightly sweet.

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