Recipe: Brownie Cookie (Microwave Edition)

Home Cooking Recipe: Brownie Cookie (Microwave Edition)


There is no oven in the house, so I stared at the microwave oven and rice cooker and began to ponder how to do "pseudo" baking... If you ignore the previously failed rice cooker cake, then this is really the first successful." Baking "food... I originally planned to do Brownie, but the electronic scale at home could not be found. I only did it after roughly estimating the ratio (please forgive me). At the beginning, the butter was relatively less, and it took about 15 seconds in the microwave oven, resulting in a harder finished product. After sampling, the originally intended Brownie became a hard block, which was quite a cookie after cutting. Ever since, the rich chocolate flavor, the crispy walnuts, the crispy cookie taste, and the lemon black tea before the cold bubble, um, the gorgeous time of good times has come.



  1. Put the walnuts in the microwave, bake for 4 minutes, and turn the walnuts once in the middle;

  2. [A] melt the butter in warm water, pour the chocolate powder and mix well;

  3. [B] Beat the eggs, add white sugar, and stir well;

  4. Pour [B] slowly into [A] and stir until smooth and smooth;

  5. Add flour and stir into a thick chocolate paste;

  6. Pour the walnut kernels and stir;

  7. Apply oil to the inner wall of the mug, then pour the chocolate paste into the mug. Note that only half of the weight is placed in the cup (to avoid overflowing after heating);

  8. Put in the microwave oven, avoid placing it in the center of the furnace (the temperature is high, easy to burn), and about 2 minutes and a half will smell the rich chocolate flavor, then you can take out the mug;

  9. Pour out the brownie cookies and slice them as soon as possible.

  10. Please enjoy.


1. If you want to make it softer, close to the cake, you can add more butter. 2, the formula is slightly sweet, you can reduce the amount of sugar. 3, I tried to discharge this rice cooker, but the time required will be longer, and it is difficult to achieve a crisp effect. 4, of course, students who feel that the slicing is very troublesome, you can pour the chocolate paste directly on the plate, but remember to reduce the time to roast!

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