Recipe: Brown sugar wine stuffed egg

Home Cooking Recipe: Brown sugar wine stuffed egg


Menstrual self-saving must-have~



  1. Put a few spoonfuls of wine in a rice cooker with cold water (small amount) (this is a personal taste. I like to put more)

  2. Put in brown sugar (meal sweetness, so I put a big spoon) Stirring 狠狠 Press the cooking button

  3. Wait until the wine in the pot is sizzling, knocking the eggs in.

  4. I like to take a break for 1 minute and then I can unplug it and eat it. If you like the old taste, cook it for a while.


First, the wine is boiled with brown sugar to neutralize the sourness of the wine. After boiling, the wine will have a softer entrance.

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