Recipe: Brown sugar rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Brown sugar rice cake



  1. Mix the Yuanxiao powder and the sticky rice powder with the white sugar and mix well with warm water and evenly (when it is eaten with warm water, it will be more Q-bomb). After the mixture is evenly formed, cut into square bars for use.

  2. Put the water in the steamer to boil, lay the cotton gauze on the steamer, place the cut rice cakes neatly, and steam for fifteen or six minutes.

  3. A separate plate is placed, and the bread crumbs are spread over the bottom of the plate for wrapping rice cakes.

  4. After turning the brown sugar powder into water, put it on the fire, heat it slightly with a simmer, and add a few drops of blending oil to make it look more viscous and brighter.

  5. When the rice cake is good, start another oil pan, pour the blended oil, and change the heat when the oil is burnt to 60% heat.

  6. When the rice cake is steamed, you can put it in the pan and put it on the bread crumb. It is fried in the oil pan. After the bread crumbs are discolored, and the surface of the rice cake is hardened, the tray can be removed.

  7. Put the brown sugar juice on the rice cake that is packed, and a sweet and soft brown rice cake is done.


Adding sticky rice flour to Yuanxiao powder is for better molding. If it is not added, it will be spread into a cake after steaming. The amount of sticky rice flour can be added or reduced according to the taste of each person, and the amount of brown sugar powder can also be determined according to the taste of each person. In addition, the oil used to fry the rice cake must be put more, so that it will not stick to the pan, the oil after the fried can still be used for cooking.

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