Recipe: Brown sugar osmanthus hawthorn sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Brown sugar osmanthus hawthorn sauce


The acid is wrapped in sweet, sour and sour sauce, and the osmanthus fragrance is faintly scattered. Whether it is used to spread breakfast slices or used to decorate plain oatmeal, it is a good choice. Or, use the sweet and sour hawthorn sauce as a seasoning to mix fruits, cool dishes, and yoghurt... not only the color is beautiful, but the taste can bring surprises.



  1. . Wash the hawthorn and pour it from one end with chopsticks to remove the hawthorn nucleus

  2. . Put the hawed potato into the stockpot and add water

  3. . Cook over low heat until the hawthorn is soft and rotten, add fine sugar and brown sugar

  4. . When the small fire simmers until the sugar melts, the surface of the hawthorn can be turned off when it is bright. Add osmanthus at this time and mix well.


1. Hawthorn goes to the core in advance and it is safer to eat. If it is inconvenient to operate with chopsticks, it can be cut directly to the core; 2. When you are making a hawthorn, you must use a small fire, especially after adding sugar. 3. If you replace the dried osmanthus with sugar osmanthus, the effect is better; 4. It can be completely white sugar, and it is bright red and the color is very beautiful.

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