Recipe: Brown sugar millet porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Brown sugar millet porridge


Lazy Mommy Breakfast - Brown Sugar Millet Porridge (Helping Maternal Ziyin and Nourishing Blood)



  1. Prepared materials: millet, red dates, brown sugar and nuts. Nuts can be placed in whole grains, or they can be chopped and added.

  2. Millet is washed clean, put into the stockpot and soaked in water for about 30 minutes, the red dates are washed, the core is removed, and the red dates are chopped.

  3. Take the soup pot, inject a proper amount of water, put it into the millet after boiling, turn it to a small fire and cook slowly. When the millet grain is flowering, put the red date and crush it. Stir well and continue to cook. Wait until the red jujube meat is soft and rotten, then add brown sugar. Peanuts are minced and mixed, then boil for a few minutes to turn off the heat.

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