Recipe: Brown sugar millet porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Brown sugar millet porridge


When I was a child, I often saw women who had given birth to a child. When they were sitting on the moon, the old woman usually gave the mother a millet porridge with brown sugar to replenish her body. Xiaomi seems to be a good product for kidney and spleen and dampness in traditional Chinese medicine. Millet is a ration, eating millet is not only hungry, but also removes spleen and stomach moisture, avoiding gastrointestinal diseases caused by soil and water. A millet, sprinkled into the ground is a crop, millet is a highly concentrated "living machine", many girls, drinking millet porridge with brown sugar, not only menstrual smoothing, but also ruddy complexion, really confirmed the whole grains and nourish the body The truth. A lot of women in the consumption, a high-profile declaration, to be a woman to be a little bit to yourself! Well, starting today, the sisters with insufficient blood, let us drink moon porridge every day! It is proved by practice that the ancients said that women should not be sugar-free (brown sugar) in one day, and there is one sentence: men can't have no ginger for a day, and they are not discussed here. I have tried to use red dates instead of brown sugar to make millet porridge. I have failed countless times, but I have proved it with facts: Add red dates can not, add red dates to the millet porridge xie! This sentence is my mother's ear, and I always disapprove, must be persistent to remind, to prove that the post-wave is stronger than the previous wave, the result, increased the laughter, nothing to say. The red dates are good, the millet porridge is good, but the two good people together are not necessarily able to make the days comfortable, the best is the best! Today, in my thirties, I finally realized that I did not listen to the old sayings, and suffered from the ancient training in front of my eyes. I went around and turned my heart for the wisdom of the ancients for thousands of years.



  1. The amount of millet is cooked, the fire is boiled, and the fire is slowly cooked.

  2. Add brown sugar when you are out of the pan. Turn off the oil evenly after mixing. (You can also add brown sugar when you put it in the bowl, but because the ancient brown sugar is the whole square, stirring in the pot saves time and effort, but also can be more limited. Brown sugar nutrition release)


After the millet porridge is simmered, there will be a layer of fragrant rice oil floating on it. It is the essence of millet porridge. When the previous maternal milk is not enough, there is no milk powder at that time. Use this to feed the child. The child grows strong. Health, not to worry about having problems with milk powder. However, it is best to buy organic millet if conditions permit.

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