Recipe: Brown sugar ginger soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Brown sugar ginger soup



  1. Boil brown sugar and dried dates for 20 minutes

  2. Add ginger slices and cook for another 5 minutes.


In ancient China, there was a saying that eating radish in winter and eating ginger in summer. Because of the hot weather in the summer, people’s hot air floated on the surface of the body, and the moisture was so humid. Ginger is a hot food that can be wet-filled. Recommend this brown sugar ginger tea to you. . 1, qi and nourishing, warm and blood circulation. 2, suitable for the cold of the palace, cold pain in the lower abdomen, less menstrual flow. 3, brown sugar, jujube both qi and nourishing blood and warm blood circulation; ginger Xin Wen to help the power of brown sugar.

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