Recipe: Brow and pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Brow and pork


Mr. Huang’s family has a private kitchen, eyebrows and smashed pork scent, delicious to doubt life.



  1. Soaking eyebrows for one hour

  2. Cut the meat, a little soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine for 30 minutes.

  3. Boiled cooked eyebrows

  4. Add garlic to the fragrant pork, add a little soy sauce to color

  5. Add pork to the eyebrows and cook until the eyebrows are smashed

  6. Pork is sliced ​​and you can go to the table!


1. Like the tangerine peel can add a little 2. Pork drowning or frying can be 3. The pressure cooker first boil the pork to make the pork softer 4. The more the brow bean is, the better!

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