Recipe: Broken rice sprouts

Home Cooking Recipe: Broken rice sprouts


The taste of home. After dinner, eating noodles, you must have a good meal.



  1. Step1. Add a small amount of oil (because the selected pork belly, oil will also come out when fried), fragrant ginger and garlic, put in the meat, stir-fry the granules

  2. Step2. Put a small amount of bean paste and fry, wait until the taste is evenly colored, add a little soy sauce, add the pepper, add the pepper powder, and fry evenly.

  3. Step3. Under the sprouts, continue to stir fry for about 3 minutes, sprinkle with chopped green onion


1. Hot pot cold oil is not easy to stick to the pan. 2. Students who like to eat hemp can join the whole pepper, the entrance is better. 3. You can add appropriate amount of white sesame to the pan, which will be more fragrant. 4. No need to put salt and chicken in the process, because the bean paste + soy sauce + sprouts is enough. 5. The ratio of meat and sprouts, generally I use a pound of meat to accompany a bag of Yibin sprouts (small package). 6. Do cooking at will, according to the mood, there will be unexpected effects.

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