Recipe: Broad bean plumeria

Home Cooking Recipe: Broad bean plumeria


Broad beans have a special aroma. When the eggs and small peppers are mixed, the taste is upgraded, the flavor is delicious, the colors are bright, and the most suitable dishes in spring.



  1. Wash the watercress, the red pepper, cut the red pepper and cut it into cubes, and break the eggs.

  2. Sag a pot of water, boil it, add it to the watercress and remove it for use. This will remove the bean curd from the broad bean.

  3. Pour the right amount of oil into the pan, pour in the beaten egg when it is 7 mature, use the chopsticks to quickly disperse into the frangipani, stir fry a few times, and serve as spare.

  4. Pour the right amount of oil into the pan, pour in the red pepper and sauté the sauté, then pour in the diced watercress and stir fry. Finally, add the appropriate chicken rice, add the appropriate amount of salt, chicken, and sugar. Out of the pot


If you like the original taste of the watercress, you can omit the step of drowning, so the time will be lengthened when you stir the bean paste to ensure that the watercress is cooked.

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