Recipe: Broad bean bacon sausage rice [food package operation instructions]

Home Cooking Recipe: Broad bean bacon sausage rice [food package operation instructions]


[Description] This is the user guide for the 321cooking food package for three moments. It is only for the friends who bought the food ingredients package. ^_^ borrowed the "bamboo diced peas rice" that was eaten in Lixia in the south of the Yangtze River. rice. Different from the traditional practice, the rice is all made of Wuchang fragrant rice, which is refreshed and more digestible than glutinous rice. Steamed with the sweet Cantonese sausage, the flavor is like a claypot rice, and the knife-boiled bacon, two kinds of bacon open the appetite of summer burnout. Broad bean kernels are fragrant and fragrant, dotted with carrots. The mushrooms are delivered after being cooked, and the scent is rich, and the individual packaging does not cover the taste of other ingredients. Ready to heat! Ingredients package contains 2 pieces: roasted mushrooms, fresh broad beans, bacon, sausage, rice, storage period: baked mushrooms need to be refrigerated, 0-4 ° C for 3 days, rice bags can be frozen for 30 days. Kitchenware: steamer taste: savory, slightly sweet and spicy: Not spicy cooking time: 5-10 minutes food package net weight: 310g



  1. It is thawed in advance and placed in a container. Use a steamer to steam for 5 minutes; grilled mushrooms can be eaten together as a side dish, and you can heat it with rice if you are not used to it. Microwave heating is not recommended, and the taste of rice will be greatly affected.


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