Recipe: Braised tofu

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised tofu


The Fauvist Sichuan cuisine forty-one [roasted tofu] is the second canteen... I want to hold a Mapo tofu helpless home, Miss Huang, ask me not to have too many peppers, you are my Sichuan sister, you have to learn to adapt... In fact Today is actually a fragrant version of the Ma Po tofu bean paste is the essence of the bibimbap artifact



  1. Tofu is cut into pieces, and the minced pork is marinated with raw powder. Prepare ginger, minced garlic, diced green onion.

  2. Oily heat, into ginger, minced garlic, bean paste, sauteed, into the minced meat, stir-fry until separation, add water, seasoning: pepper, pepper powder (oil), sugar, chicken powder, soy sauce, soy sauce

  3. Into the tofu, cover the fire, about 10 minutes, thicken the juice, stir the chopped green onion, open to eat


1. When you have bean paste, you should pay attention to the salt. 2. Tofu originally contains a lot of water, and it comes out when it is cooked. So when you adjust the juice, you don't need too much water to avoid causing the last hook or the juice.

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