Recipe: Braised squid - the best squid burning method, no one

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised squid - the best squid burning method, no one


This is one of my uncle's best dishes, no one, and the taste is super-positive, killing the taste of the big restaurants, I can eat a plate, haha ​​~ according to the formula to the absolute 0 failure ^ _ ^ do at night Forgot to take the details, change the sky~



  1. Wash the squid cleanly, cut the onion, ginger, garlic, onion and slice the spare, use the green onion, stir-fry it.

  2. In the hot pot, pour oil, pour some oil, add hot pepper and pepper after adding heat, add squid and stir fry a few times, add a spoonful of vinegar to simmer, add onion ginger, garlic and onion stir fry

  3. Pour in wine, add sugar and stir fry, add more sugar, then add soy sauce, soy sauce, then add a bowl of water to cover the lid for about ten minutes, adjust the heat for more than a while.

  4. The leeches are quick to dry, add green peppers, stir fry, put some salt, chicken, and taste the salty, you can make the pan, the squid can enjoy ~^_^


PS: 1. Sugar must be put more, I use a small spoon to put about 5.6 spoons. 2. Do not put more on the old draw, use the color, put it on the line, or come out with a pot of black, or use Lee Kum Kee. Braised juice 3. When you look at it, don’t burn it. If you master the above, you can also burn delicious squid~????

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