Recipe: Braised squid

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised squid


The octopus is usually braised, and there is also less when it is fried. Because braised pork can have soup, bibimbap is equivalent to the function of the dish. Neat fish, tempting sauce, crispy skin, smooth fish, and soy sauce mixed with fish, onions, and garlic. Every bite is full of happiness. Let us slow down and copy the delicious memories on the tip of the tongue in a nostalgic melody!



  1. Clean the cut with the fish, marinate for half an hour with the wine and ginger

  2. Thick-bottomed pot to a small fire after adding smoke, add appropriate amount of oil, take the fish with kitchen paper to absorb moisture, put it into the pot

  3. Fry until you can use the chopsticks to gently push the surface, turn both sides to the golden and then serve

  4. Prepare the onion ginger and garlic, and add the oil pan, scallions, ginger, garlic and chili

  5. Use a clear water, soy sauce, cooking wine, a small amount of balsamic vinegar, sugar and pepper to adjust a bowl of juice, pour into the pot and boil, add fish and green onion leaves, turn to a small heat for a while, when the soup is low, you can cook


1. Silver-white with fish surface has anti-cancer effect and other nutritional value. Do not scrape off when washing. The more fresh the surface of the fish, the more silvery it shines. 2, the fish is easy to taste, do not pickle in advance, use cooking wine and ginger to go to the line. 3, when frying fish must be completely fried and fixed before turning over, otherwise it is easy to break the skin. My family's fried fish are not simmered, and they are fried directly. If you like, you can also take the starch and fry. 4, the final taste juice can be adjusted according to their own taste. I like the deep color of the old pump.

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