Recipe: Braised sirloin

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised sirloin



  1. The burdock is put into the water, and 10 peppers are added to the blood. After half an hour, wash, repeat the previous action, wash and drain.

  2. Put the oil, onion and ginger into the main pot, 3 minutes / 120 ° C / small spoon.

  3. Put the drained beef, 10 points / V / reversal spoon, go to the measuring cup. Remove excess water.

  4. Put all other seasonings, cover the measuring cup, 75 points / 100 ° C / reverse small spoon.

  5. Open the lid, turn the beef, 15 points / 100 ° C / reverse small spoon.


1. The cooking time after turning over is increased or decreased according to the size and texture of the beef.

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