Recipe: Braised pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised pork



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Braised pork cut into small squares, boiled in cold water and boiled

    Braised pork cut into small squares, boiled in cold water and boiled

  2. Ginger slices, onion knotted

  3. Pour the oil in a hot pot, add the onion ginger, stir fry the scent, add the braised pork, and add the oil.

  4. Pour the 3 ingredients together with the boiled egg into the purple casserole, add the old smoked sugar

  5. Adding water without braised pork

  6. The purple casserole is opened to high heat and stewed to the juice


Since the braised pork has a thousand flavors, then you can put all kinds of ingredients in it to make the taste of braised pork. The dumplings love to eat the eggplant. Originally, the eggplant was to be rejected by the family. The guy likes to eat eggs. I cooked some boiled eggs and added them. However, there are many ways to add boiled eggs to braised pork. I have tried to make boiled eggs into fried eggs and put them into tiger eggs. It is also delicious. A while ago, I made a heart-warming egg, so I thought about the braised pork. After the juice was cool, I put a few sugar hearts into the taste. It must not be bad. Anyway, what do you like to eat?

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