Recipe: Braised pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised pork


The material is simple, but it is fat and not greasy, and the entrance is instant.



  1. Pork belly cut into small pieces.

  2. Put the right amount of oil in the pot (do not need a lot), stir-fry the meat under the heat of oil, add the appropriate amount of oil to the white wine (the wine can be over the bottom of the pot), and then cover the lid to fully blend the cooking wine with the pork belly.

  3. Heat the boiled water without meat, wait for the water to open, pour the appropriate amount (if you want the braised pork to be dark, you can put more soy sauce, and vice versa), then cover the lid, wait for the water to turn into medium and small fire and simmer for 2-3 hours.

  4. Wait for the amount of water in the pot to be parallel to the meat surface, put rock sugar (no rock sugar, put two teaspoons of sugar), then slowly simmer until the juice is ready.


Did not take a detailed picture of each step, the next time to fill. Pay special attention to the taste of the meat after the sugar is released (because the amount of soy sauce added in the front is enough, the taste is just right. If it is sweet, it can be mixed with salt and slowly stewed). This type of pork belly is mainly salty. Slightly sweet in the salty. In addition, the time of stewing is very important. It must be more than two hours. I often cook for four hours, so the meat is soft and the entrance is instant. The most important thing is not greasy.

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