Recipe: Braised octopus

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised octopus


Octopus is an octopus that is rich in calcium, phosphorus and iron. It is very beneficial for bone development and hematopoiesis and can prevent anemia. In addition to protein and human amino acids, octopus is a low-calorie food containing a lot of taurine. It can relieve fatigue, restore vision and improve liver function. The peptides and selenium and other trace elements contained therein have antiviral and anti-radiation effects. Chinese medicine believes that octopus has the function of nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach and replenishing the skin.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Remove the octopus from the internal organs of the eyes and rinse off with water.

    Remove the octopus from the internal organs of the eyes and rinse off with water.

  2. Onions, green pepper slices, ginger slices.

  3. A small amount of water in the pot is boiled, and the octopus is drowned, until it is broken, and the drain is drained for use.

  4. Pour a small amount of cooking oil into the pot, heat until 70% heat, pour in the chopped onion green pepper and add a little salt and chicken stir fry, and serve it for later use.

  5. Wash the pot and then pour in the cooking oil, heat it to 80%, and add the ginger to the scent. Then pour in the good octopus and stir fry.

  6. Add soy sauce, continue to stir fry the sugar, pour in the small half bowl of cooking wine, add the lid to the fire, boil, simmer for a while

  7. When the juice is ready to be harvested, pour the fried onions and stir-fry the green peppers. After the green peppers and onions are cooked, add a little bit of MSG and stir-fry until you can turn off the plate.

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