Recipe: Braised lamb

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised lamb


Stealing that this is the most successful braised lamb I have ever done; although the materials and cooking process are simpler than ever.



  1. Change the leg of the leg of lamb into a uniform block, boil in a cold water pot, leave the fire after 5 minutes, and rinse the blood on the mutton with warm flowing water;

  2. Put the mutton back into the pot, add the ginger onion and fragrant leaves, star anise, cinnamon, dried red pepper and red dates, pour in a bag of rice wine (400 ~ 500ml) and boil over high heat;

  3. Transfer to soy sauce, soy sauce and sweet sauce, continue to cook until the soup is boiling; cover and simmer for 60 to 80 minutes (I only used 60 minutes), add rock sugar to cook until melted, and the soup is thick. Sprinkle with green garlic and serve.


The mutton shrinks badly. Don't cut it too small when changing the knife; do not use too much spice, properly preserve the special taste of the mutton; add no water and salt during the cooking process, add sweet sauce to the seasoning, these two are cooked with the past Different places may also be the secret of making a very delicious meal.

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