Recipe: Braised duck wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised duck wings


Mom likes to eat duck wings, always feel that it is not clean outside, try it yourself.



  1. Wash the duck wings, soak in cold water, go to blood

  2. Boil the water, put the duck wings in, put two pieces of ginger, boil, go to the froth

  3. Remove the duck wings, use the tweezers to remove the small fine hair on the surface, add the cold water to the pot, put the duck wings in, and then add the onion, ginger, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, soy sauce, soy sauce, white sugar, salt, Cooking wine, liquor

  4. Use a gauze to sew a seasoning bag, put the star anise, pepper, pepper, pepper, put the seasoning bag in the pot

  5. The fire is boiled, and the small fire slowly cooks the juice.

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