Recipe: Braised chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Braised chicken


Don't look at the color is very light, but it is really spicy enough! Then add a cup of cold ginger, tender and tender, very good taste!



  1. Chop the chicken into small pieces, remove the chicken skin and chicken oil (you can keep it if you like it, you can reduce the fat intake after removing it), wash and drain

  2. Put the base oil in the pot, add the peppercorns and scent to filter off, you can keep a small amount of granules, and taste more when you cook.

  3. Add pickled peppers, dried chilies, garlic, ginger (pre-cut into small pieces) and sautéed with watercress, then add the chicken pieces and stir-fry together (this time the spicy taste is all out, and you will be beaten from time to time.) A few sneezes, but these can be put in the right amount according to your preference)

  4. Add cooking wine and soy sauce, add appropriate amount of salt and fry

  5. In this process, pour a pot of water into the other pot, and add the fried chicken pieces after the water is opened. (Be sure to wait until the water is opened, so that the taste of the chicken will be good.)

  6. Then add a small amount of vinegar, star anise and dried tangerine peel. It will be almost half an hour after stewing for a small fire. Of course, the length of time should be determined according to the old tenderness of the chicken. Anyway, it can be observed at any time when stewing.

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