Recipe: Boy, chicken, edamame

Home Cooking Recipe: Boy, chicken, edamame


When I was a child, my father often did it in the summer. It was not a difficult dish. In fact, it was not easy to fail, but it was full of memories in my memory. In private, I feel that edamame is actually delicious regardless of what it is. It is delicious, loofah, green pepper, radish head, fish, chicken.... It is a universal supporting role, I love edamame, la la la~~



  1. Wash all materials and cut them out.

  2. The edamame can be scalded first, and the trouble can be omitted.

  3. Heat the oil in a hot pot and add the garlic and sauté.

  4. After smelling the aroma of garlic and ginger, turn into the chicken pieces, stir fry the cinnamon and octagonal for about two minutes, add the rice wine, continue to stir fry for one minute, and put on the soy sauce.

  5. After frying until the chicken pieces are evenly colored, put half a bowl of water, boil over high heat, add rock sugar and edamame.

  6. About 15 minutes or so, basically will start to collect juice, add salt and green onions.


Note that the broiler chicken is very easy to cook, so you can make a full fire, so the chicken itself will be tenderer.

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