Recipe: Boletus edulis

Home Cooking Recipe: Boletus edulis



  1. Use the back of the knife to smash the bones of the three yellow chickens, and then smash them into pieces;

  2. The liver is cut into 1cm thick slices, Yunnan bacon slices, green garlic cut into ends, wrinkled skin pepper, red pepper cut hobs, ginger slices and plenty of garlic for use;

  3. Pour the oil in the pot, turn off the heat and turn into the chicken pieces, then turn on the small fire to avoid sticking the pot;

  4. Pour boletus and bacon, fry until the chicken is not sticky, add garlic, ginger, and aniseed. The surface of the boletus wrinkles indicates that it is cooked;

  5. Put the ancient brown sugar, hot water, old extraction color, a little raw powder to let the soup hang;

  6. When the soup is boiled, you can put the rest of the side dish into the pot and stir fry for a while.

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