Recipe: Boiled small river shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Boiled small river shrimp


This season's small river shrimp is very very plump, full of shrimp seeds and creamy yellow, the farm has bought more than half a catty of fresh small river shrimp, go home and cook a bowl of fresh and delicious white sea shrimp, never lose to the autumn hairy crabs. Oh



  1. Fresh small river shrimp enlarge the basin, add water, then take out one by one, cut off the sharp corners of the tentacles and the top of the head, cut the rice bran, and finally rinse it with running water.

  2. Boil the boiled water (may be a little more, don't be less), put in onion ginger and salt, put the washed prawn into the pot after boiling, add some cooking wine, cover, and cook again for 5 minutes, turn off the heat

  3. Remove the small river prawn out of the bowl, add the appropriate amount of boiled broth, and finish. Paired with a small dish of recreational vinegar, foraging, sweet and delicious game crabs~


Don't waste the cooked soup, remove the onion ginger, put the diced tomatoes and tender tofu, burn a soup, and sprinkle a small chopped green onion, which is also very suitable.

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