Recipe: Boiled pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Boiled pork



  1. Slice the meat thinly and marinate it with raw flour, cooking wine, ginger, and pepper.

  2. Pleurotus ostreatus is torn open, thousands of cut strips, drowning water (which is cooked anyway). Cucumber is scraped into a very thin and thin piece with a scraper. The bean sprouts are washed and ready for use.

  3. The oil is hot, a large number of peppers, dried peppers are shredded, and the oil is fried and scented.

  4. The rest of the oil, the watercress goes down and sautes. Then add the soup (I don’t have soup in my house, I can only use boiling water, but I can also cook it)

  5. The sliced ​​meat is marinated and thrown away quickly. (Use only to cook it, it will be old after a long time)

  6. Find a beautiful and atmospheric bowl, raw bean sprouts, then cucumber slices, then cooked oyster mushrooms and bean husks.

  7. The boiled meat and soup are quickly poured into the bowl.

  8. Then spread the pepper and dried chili peppers that have just been fried.

  9. Then pile up a lot of fresh garlic.

  10. Then burn some oil (estimated to have a 50g?), when it is hot and hot, pour it into a well-packed bowl.

  11. Wow, it’s so sweet.

  12. Let's eat ~

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