Recipe: Boiled meatball crab stick

Home Cooking Recipe: Boiled meatball crab stick


The method of cooking fish along the water is very simple and very good.



  1. Hot pot, a small amount of oil, open the boiled fish seasoning package, take out the red oil bag, according to your own taste, the spicy package, I put the whole package, the oil is hot, put the red oil bag to stir the fragrance

  2. Add water, add according to your own ingredients, add the crab meat sticks after the water is boiled, order the old wine, cover the lid

  3. After cooking, pick it up and put it in a bowl. Cut the cabbage into the cooked and pick it up and put it in the bowl.

  4. You can taste the saltiness of the soup, add some MSG, season it and pour it into the bowl.

  5. Wash the pot, pour a little oil, heat it and pour it on the ingredients, then add the parsley! carry out!


The cilantro is finally put and seasoned according to your own taste when cooking ingredients.

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