Recipe: Boiled lettuce

Home Cooking Recipe: Boiled lettuce


I have never liked to eat fried vegetables until I used this method of burning. Lettuce is crisp, refreshing, and preserves the nutrition of the vegetables. The key is to make the operation easier, you will love it.



  1. Wash the lettuce, simmer it with boiling water, and control the water to remove the plate. Note: Let the lettuce be placed after the water is turned on, then turn off the heat immediately. Basically, every leaf is in the boiling water. Can't take long, it's not good to eat lettuce.

  2. Another wok, a little oil. Add the minced garlic and saute. Then close the small fire, add a large spoon of soy sauce, a large spoonful of sauté, add a small amount of sugar, add a small amount of water to boil. The boiled soup is poured directly on the lettuce. The big spoon here is the ordinary big tune, not a spoon. The amount of sugar is a spoonful of teaspoon in the seasoning box.


Both soy sauce and oyster sauce have a salty taste and do not require salt.

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