Recipe: Boiled bullfrog

Home Cooking Recipe: Boiled bullfrog



  1. Cut the bullfrog into a block of appropriate size, and use salt, cooking wine, and pepper to make a base.

  2. Dry the pan and fry the dried red pepper and pepper to the crisp, remove and crush. Lettuce wash the mat at the bottom of the bowl

  3. Put the wok on the fire, put a proper amount of base oil, add the spicy sauce and saute after burning, put chopped green onion, garlic and ginger, cook the wine, add a little soy sauce, add some water, boil and use the tweezers to simmer the impurities in the soup. Put out the salt, pepper, MSG, put the bullfrog into the pot and cook it in a pot, pour it into the bowl of the lettuce, and sprinkle the pepper and pepper on it.

  4. Put the net on the fire, put the base oil, and burn it to the bullfrog when it is burnt to 60%.

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