Recipe: Body porridge - aunt's endometrium dedicated

Home Cooking Recipe: Body porridge - aunt's endometrium dedicated


It's really a surprise that so many people leave a message under this recipe. I will probably summarize the questions. If you have any questions, you can read them first and then pull them down. 1. The diet is an aid, and raising aunt is not a day or two. This porridge is not a medicine. I don't know how long it takes to eat, but if I insist on drinking for a long time, my body changes can be felt. 2. The amount of ingredients, lack and replacement are not too particular. Miscellaneous grains and beans, warm ingredients for blood and qi are very good, can be replaced between the same kind, as long as you do not change into green beans and other ingredients. But soy black beans will be special, generally not replaced, chickpeas can replace soybeans. 3. The endometrium is thin, the amount of menstruation is short, or it can be delayed directly. You can drink porridge and drink during menstruation. 4. When it comes to supplements, it is mainly to tonify the kidney and spleen and stomach, the main soil of the spleen and stomach, the main water of the kidney, the water and soil is good, and people naturally will be fine.



  1. Black beans and soy beans soaked for one night. I sometimes use chickpeas instead of soya beans~ there are a lot of chickpeas at home.

  2. Rhubarb rice is not a small yellow rice, it is a kind of glutinous rice. Produced in the northeast of Shandong, the kind of sticky bean bag, the porridge cooked is particularly good.

  3. Cook everything together and put brown sugar in the last half hour. The amount of brown sugar varies with you~ I cook for three days at a time, once or twice a day.

  4. The amount of ingredients is very random ~ rice and beans are all I have. Most of the cockroaches, 10 longan, if 10 jujube.

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