Recipe: Blueberry yam

Home Cooking Recipe: Blueberry yam


Blueberry yam is an appetizing cold dish with an ultra-simple and super-taste. The operation is very simple and convenient, and there is no difficulty at all. It takes only 3 materials to make a perfect presentation. Even used as a dessert is a good choice.



  1. The treatment of yam: This time, the purchase of 'iron stick yam' is also called 'hardcore yam'. The taste of this yam is relatively soft and dense. The taste of the yam is very good, and the thickness is relatively uniform, so it will not be so troublesome in the treatment of the knife. Simply cut the skin and cut it into segments. After cutting, put it in the dish and steam it on the steamer (about 10~15 minutes). ⚠ In this process, it is important to note that peeling yam is best protected with a rubber glove. Because the yam's juice will irritate the skin, it will cause a very itchy feeling. So be careful.

  2. Blueberry Sauce: Blueberry jam can be made by yourself or commercially available. This time I chose a commercially available bottle with blueberry granules in the jam, which tastes good and tastes good. But this is not the point! The point is to add some salt to the blueberry jam. Then mix well and your blueberry sauce is done. If you have lemon or lemon juice at home, you can add some in blueberry sauce, which will taste better. For example, blueberry jam is too thick, you can add the right amount of cold water to your favorite concentration.

  3. Combination: steamed yam cool, topped with a good blueberry sauce.


Adding 1/4 teaspoon of salt to the blueberry sauce is the focus of this dish. Salted blueberry sauce will become smoother, not too sweet, and more suitable as a sauce for dishes. If the blueberry jam is too thick, you can add a little bit of cold water to your favorite concentration.

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