Recipe: Blueberry pie

Home Cooking Recipe: Blueberry pie


This blueberry pie combines beauty and taste. Plus my hand-made blueberry sauce, very beautiful~~



  1. Pepi: After the butter is softened, add the powdered sugar and use the egg beater to send the volume to fluffy and lighter. Pour in half an egg yolk and continue to send it until the egg yolk is completely mixed with the butter.

  2. After sifting the low-gluten and pouring it into the almond powder, the mixture is poured into a smooth dough by hand, and the dough is refrigerated for more than half an hour, and if necessary, refrigerated for more than 4 hours.

  3. Rinse the dough, take it out, take the plastic wrap, place the dough, cover it with a plastic wrap, and use a rolling pin to get the right size (to prevent sticking and easy shaping).

  4. Peel off a plastic wrap and place the non-preservative film side down on the plate. Gently press it to fit the mold. After the rolling pin has removed the excess side, tear off the other plastic wrap.

  5. Pinch, the oven is preheated in advance, 165 ° 15 minutes, until the pie is golden yellow. When you start baking, you can start to do it.

  6. (Pie stuffing) Add half an egg yolk to all the ingredients, pour into a large bowl, stir with a manual egg beater, and filter again. The pie is baked and taken out, and poured into the pie. Middle oven 160°-15 minutes. No flow, indicating that it has solidified. Can be baked.

  7. Smear with blueberry sauce and garnish with blueberries. Cooling is not hot and you can take off the mold. This recipe is a 6 inch model.


Look carefully at the oven, each oven has a different temper, and the temperature is only set according to my own oven.

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