Recipe: Blueberry milk jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Blueberry milk jelly


The first time the recipe was mainly for the convenience of self-use in the future (in fact, in order to consume the gelatin tablets and blueberries), the amount of the three red wine glasses was refrigerated. The first night was not good. The second night was better, but it was sold outside. The jelly is not the same taste, the personal feeling is not very good, so it is not recommended to try 喔????



  1. The gelatin tablets are cut open and used for cool white foaming.

  2. Blueberry washed warm water and white sugar into a blender, beat into blueberry juice filtered and poured into milk.

  3. The soft gelatin tablets are drained into a blueberry juice milk mixture and the heat-insulated water is stirred until completely dissolved.

  4. Pour into a jelly container and place in the refrigerator for overnight.


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