Recipe: Blue cheese tweezers

Home Cooking Recipe: Blue cheese tweezers


A new attempt at the cheese bear, the blue pattern is good! Fangzi is translated, the combination of cheese and nuts will never be wrong! Stamp below the original party, recipes chart is taken by me ~ http: // author: Rodney Dunn (Australian Good Taste, May 2003, Page 78) No scorpion with other nuts OK~



  1. The oven is preheated to 180 degrees. Bake the hazelnuts for 7 minutes, bake them in a tea towel, peel them, and chop them. (If the nuts used are already roasted and fried, you can skip the baking step, just chopped)

  2. Add flour and sugar to the large bowl and mix well. Take the butter out of the refrigerator and cut into small pieces and pour it into the flour bowl. Use your fingers to knead the flour and butter until it is well mixed and the flour is crumbly.

  3. Add blue cheese and hazelnuts, mix well, and if necessary, rub it with your hands to spread the cheese.

  4. Add milk A, mix and mix with a spatula until it can be made into a dough. Don't overdo it with your hands, you can make a group.

  5. Sprinkle some flour on the panel, put the dough, and flatten it with a rolling pin, about 2.5 cm thick. Cut with a sculpt mold or cup, cut the remaining faces together once, and flatten the cut again.

  6. The skin is placed on the oil paper, and the surface is brushed with milk B. It is baked in a preheated oven for 25 minutes. (The original side is baked for 12 minutes but I bake for 12 minutes or dough...)

  7. Bake it well, you can eat it, put on the cream and jam, fragrant ~

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