Recipe: Black sesame sugar packet

Home Cooking Recipe: Black sesame sugar packet


Sweet and rich black hair and sweet buns. Two breakfasts. Add energy to start a good day. It also has a laxative function 喔 o(* ̄) ̄*)o



  1. Mix black sesame powder and milk powder. Heat the lard in a small pot until it is melted. Pour in the sugar. Stir until the sugar is melted. Pour in the mixed black sesame powder and stir until thick. The black sesame paste is slightly dry.

  2. Put the black sesame stuffing into the freezer

  3. Flour, water, yeast and fine sugar 2 together into a smooth dough.

  4. (You can take out the black sesame stuffing first) Take out the dough and re-smooth and sleet it. Divide into the same amount of small agent and knead it into a thin layer of ice cream in the middle of the thin ice cream. Immediately dig a spoonful of black sesame stuffing into the center of the dough. Use the tiger's mouth to close the mouth and roll round

  5. Add water to the pot. Put the wrapped buns on the cage and wake up for 20 minutes. Then you can open the fire after steaming.


1. Take out the sesame filling in advance to avoid the stuffing is too hard, the package is not easy to operate. 2. If you want to use the sand effect lard plus 20g fry, don't take it too dry. 3. The increase in milk powder is better than the lack of milk powder.

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