Recipe: Black sesame soft cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Black sesame soft cake


The black sesame cake I saw on the big flower flower blog is really a treasure for me who lost my hair. In addition, it is cold in the autumn, and I will eat more blood and qi, and it will be good for people. As for the taste, it is like the taste of black sesame jelly, sweet and soft~ It is very enjoyable to eat~



  1. Black sesame seeds are cooked in a small fire. You can hear the sound of sputum in a few minutes, and the scent is heard. Then continue to fry a few times.

  2. After the black sesame is cooled, 2/3 is crushed with a blender, leaving 1/3 of the whole granules (for better finished taste)

  3. Stir-fried glutinous rice flour: stir fry the glutinous rice flour with a small fire, and the glutinous rice flour turns yellowish. This is the cake powder.

  4. Mix glutinous rice flour, black sesame powder, and black sesame seeds

  5. Find a container that can be heated by water or directly heated, pour sesame oil, maltose, heat to melt the maltose, turn off the heat, add honey and mix well.

  6. Pour the powder into the well before the maltose is solidified (if it is too dry, add some honey)

  7. Take some stuff into the mold, press flat, press it out

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