Recipe: Black sesame layered horseshoe cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Black sesame layered horseshoe cake



  1. (1) First, add the fragrant black sesame seeds and add 550 ml of water to the cooking machine to make sesame water! Then filter! After filtering the sesame water, check if there is enough 550 ml! If not enough, add some water!

  2. (2) Filtered black sesame water and white sugar to melt it. When the sugar is melted, add a little sesame water to 125 grams of horseshoe powder and stir it. It is easier to stir. After mixing, all the sesame water will be added. Pour in and stir again! Stir the sesame water, then just filter it! It became the water of black sesame!

  3. Coconut milk portion: 125 grams of horseshoe powder, add 100 ml of water and mix well, then add coconut milk and condensed milk or 150 grams of sugar! Then filter it and it becomes white pulp!

  4. Sweetness for everyone! If you feel too sweet or not sweet enough, you can adjust it yourself next time!


Add some oil to the plate and stir well. It will be fine. It will not stick when cut! Then, after the water is opened, put it in a dish and steam it. After the dish is hot, put in the black sesame pulp. When it is steamed, stir it and pour it into the dish to steam! Stir each steam layer! The same is true of the coconut milk! Be sure to pay attention!

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