Recipe: Black sesame flavored matcha red bean mousse (no oven required)

Home Cooking Recipe: Black sesame flavored matcha red bean mousse (no oven required)


Suddenly I wanted to eat Matcha Mousse and I started making it, because I bought a biscuit with a little bit of orange flavor to make a bottom. In order to cover it up, I created a sesame-flavored biscuit bottom, and unexpectedly the sesame flavor and Matcha flavor is perfectly blended together, and it has never robbed each other. It is really super delicious. It is the taste of adults who Japanese people often say. Hahaha is a 6-inch round mold, after reading the steps and Tips to start again



  1. First melt the butter into a liquid, put the biscuits into a blender and break them (it's not as easy to spread as possible), and add black sesame seeds to the cracked biscuits. My sesame seeds are broken, but they can be broken. Cooked) and liquid butter, continue to mix well with a blender (this step has tips)

  2. The bottom of the mold is covered with baking paper (only the bottom, I don't have it.) Take out the evenly mixed biscuit bottom (the state should be moist but not like mud), pour into a six-inch live bottom mold, and flatten it with a spoon. Put it in the refrigerator and store it for spare.

  3. The gelatin tablets are soaked in cold water, and the matcha powder is sieved with hot water. It is best not to leave too much powder. Pour the milk into the milk pot and add sugar to heat it until it is slightly boiling (there is a small bubble on the side of the pot). Turn off the fire and mix it into the matcha liquid. Mix the gelatin in a large bowl. Heat the mixture into a bowl of gelatin tablets, stir until the gelatin tablets are completely melted, and let them dry to room temperature (this step has tips)

  4. If the honey red bean bought outside may be very sweet, you can soak it in warm water and drain it. I use it myself. If you want red beans evenly distributed throughout the cake, you can sprinkle some flour and grab it evenly, let the flour wrap on the red beans, I will put it directly into the bottom.

  5. Light cream should be sent in a cold state (not enough to be separated by ice water), sent to the surface texture will not disappear and fluidity can be, do not need to reach complete, but also be careful not to overdo it

  6. Mix the light cream with the solution of step three (must be cooled, otherwise the cream will be turned off), add the honey red beans and mix well. Take out the mold in the refrigerator and pour it into it. Gently shake the mold to make the surface flat out of the air and put it back in the refrigerator for 5h. the above

  7. The decoration can be played by myself, but I think that the mousse with the cream is just wonderful. So the following is my match: whipped cream (cold), add the powdered sugar and send it to 9 points to decorate the hardness, and put it in the enamel with the round garland. Flower bag, squeezed into a small ball, crowded with the top (I don't have a round garland on my hand, it's not very good to use the squid bag directly), use a powder sieve to gently sprinkle some matcha powder


1. If you can [must use a blender], first the mixer will be more broken and the mixture will be more uniform. Secondly, the sesame will be oiled during the crushing process, which helps the bottom of the biscuit to be more moist and soft, and can be comparable to the sponge. bottom. If you don't have a blender, you can put the biscuits in a fresh-keeping bag or a sealed bag with a rolling pin. The more broken, the better. The black sesame seeds should be broken. After pouring the butter and sesame, seal the bag and shake it to mix evenly, but the sesame seeds. The flavor will be worse. 2. Do not omit the step of using water to open the tea powder. Matcha will hardly dissolve in the milk, so you will waste a lot of matcha when you are sifting. The natural taste will be much worse, and you must use good matcha powder. This is the key to the taste and value of this cake. I use the Uji Hill Garden and the bamboo. The price is not cheap. I don't want to waste it. There is also a small trick, everyone usually wants to wash the tea to drink can also be used, is to use a small electric foamer to play a little, it is easy. 3. If the honey red bean is wrapped in powder, don't be too thick, otherwise it will affect the taste. 4. Mousse demoulding can put a column above the height of the mold below, then gently blow the hot air down with a hair dryer. The inside melts slightly, and then gently scrapes off the surface with a demoulding knife to confirm that there is no adhesion, you can retreat the mold. If it melts around, put it back in the refrigerator and put it for a while. 5. For me personally, this formula Not too sweet, you can adjust the amount of sugar yourself. There are still many shortcomings in the new recipes. If you don't explain the situation, you are welcome to ask questions. If you try it, I hope that everyone will actively submit homework. Thank you.

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